A Mustard Minute: 10 July 2015

July 10, 2015

What? Friday again? How did that happen? We’ve rounded up all the best social, tech and digital news to help prepare you with impressive conversation starters this weekend.

Internet Privacy, am I right?

Australians have gone and made worldwide news guys. This week, stories of Melbourne’s own Daniel Damon have spread far and wide after he contacted the police asking that they use a better mug shot in their appeal for information on his whereabouts.

Warrant issued for Daniel Damon Victoria Police Facebook status update

In a second cruel blow to Damon’s ego, it seems the Victoria Police’s social sass was also more popular than his.

Victoria Police Facebook Daniel Damon commenting asking for a better mugshot

Bad luck Damo.

UPDATE: Looks like Daniel will be getting that mugshot. Police arrested him Friday afternoon.

Victoria Police Facebook status announcing they arrested Daniel Damon


In further Facebook F#$% up news…

Anyone who has worked in social would have felt the urge to lay the smackdown on the trolls of the internet but we don’t, or at least most of us don’t. This week, a brave creative director decided to step into the battlefield and defend his work from his personal account. In response to criticism of the ad, Andy Lish, the creative director of the ad posted “get another sodding bank then and stop whinging”…Shots fired.

Andy Lish lashing out at an ANZ Facebook complainer

Facebook advertising has gone and grown up

Facebook has announced a plan to roll out a new formula for CPC advertising that doesn’t factor in traditional engagement factors such as “likes” or “comments”. The new formula will allow digital marketers to create and judge campaigns based solely on link clicks. Get cho web referral campaigns ready yo!

Facebook new ad algorithm concept image

There’s going to be a frickin’ robot fight

In news to warm your little Voltron-loving heart, it appears we may have a real life, bona fide robot fight.The fight will see the U.S.A’s 4.6 metre human piloted MegaBot Mark II battle Japan’s 4 metre human piloted Kurate. Welcome to the future gang, LET’SSSSS GET READDDDDYYYY TO RUMBLE.

robot fight Kuratas vs Megabot Mark II

Apps for days

The Apple store surpassed 100 billion app downloads this week, with nearly a quarter of downloads in the last 12 months. Numbers like 100 billion are pretty huge and hard to fathom…luckily there is probably an app to help explain that.

Apple 100 billion app downloads celebratory image

Who’s hungry?

A Melbourne pop-up store will struggle to meet the demand generated by its newfound viral fame. The Ura store, which runs a regular Osaka Okonomiyaki pop-up has 1,400 people registered to come and chow down. The team has announced that they can only really cater to 250 in one of the most beautiful apology pieces you’re likely to find…

Okonomiyaki image

Viewer beware – The Goosebumps trailer looks frighteningly good.

Quite frankly, news of a Goosebumps itself was pretty terrifying. The creatures of R.L. Stine’s imagination were a huge part of growing up in the 90’s and it was hard to imagine a film translation that did them justice. But fear not good people, it seems like a brilliantly meta storyline will allow for the fun, adventure and imagination of Goosebumps to be brought to life on screen.