A Mustard Minute: 14 November 2014

November 14, 2014

Got a minute? Take a seat & we’ll fill you in on some of this week’s most popular viral news and views…

  1. While Kim Kardashian’s ass was set to supposedly #breaktheinternet, something cool actually happened, like Rosetta’s probe landing on a comet directed by scientists who had to communicate navigation to the craft 30 minutes ahead due to radio signal delays. Just sayin’.

probe landing on cometPhoto: Comet face. Source: ESA via smh.com.au

  1. It seems we can’t escape Ms Kardashian though (sorry). The internet-breaking celebrity receives US$43 million for her Candy Crush-esque mobile game.

game earnings Q314 pie chart
Image Source: GLU via mashable.com

  1. Yahoo acquires BrightRoll, an advertising platform for online video, for US$640 million.

yahoo CEO marissa mayer
Image Source: businessinsider.com.au

  1. The UK Daily Mail leads with a story lamenting the lack of quality sandwich makers in Britain. And#sandwichgate is born…

subway sandwichgate twitter post screengrab

marmite sandwichgate twitter post screengrab
Image Source: Twitter

  1. Life-size Katniss Everdeen cake takes Hunger Games puns too far…

lifesized jennifer lawrence from hunger gamescake
Image Source: happyplace.seomeecards.com

  1. Apple might want you to stop buying FitBits from their stores because – hey…nice Apple Watch.

apple fitbit unavailable screenshot
Image Source: Apple via mashable.com

  1. Meanwhile, Microsoft jumps on the Instagram wagon & hires a photographer to travel the world documenting stories about people who use Microsoft in their work.

microsoft instagram post Laila Ghambari pouring coffee
Image Source: Instagram

  1. A man wastes close to $94,000 on 99 iPhones to propose to his one true love, only to experience weak reception :(

99 iphones in a heart with couple in the middle
Image Source: thenanfang.com

  1. Netflix is adapting Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

lemony snickets A series of unfortunate events book cover
Image Source: Harper Collins via hollywoodreporter.com

  1. And Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks 90s sitcom parody becomes an instant viral sensation. Warning: Crazy escalates quickly.