A Mustard Minute: 15 May 2015

May 15, 2015

Holy flaming spag bog, it’s Friday again! If you’ve hit the end of your work week and haven’t the faintest clue of what’s happened in the social sphere lately, then don’t freak out – we’ve got the low down on this week’s trending news making the rounds. Let’s recap…


In pre-Mother’s Day panic, rabid consumers tore apart newsagents, florists were striving to keep their shit together and chocolatiers were pumping out the goods like nobody’s business. On the cold Sunday dawn, those who missed the chaos did what they do best – confessed their sins and laid down a few home truths on Twitter. Happy Mothers Day?…sorry mum :(

sorry mum twitter 1
sorry mum twitter 2
sorry mum twitter 3


It’s true. Hell, there’s even a Facebook page for people who fucking love science. And this is why – After three years of Curiosity roaming Mars, it finally sat back, had a drink, and watched the sun set. And it’s blue. Awesome.

Curiosity watching the sun set on MarsJust beautiful. Dusty, but beautiful. via smh.com.au

Speaking of awesome science…

Bill Nye (the science guy) has hit the Kickstarter crowd-funding goal for Carl Sagan’s LightSail. YES.

Carl Sagan’s LightSail mockupvia mashable.com


All the ‘Top 10’ articles you could ever want…

Facebook has been dealing features left right and centre this month. The latest little somethin’ somethin’ is called Instant Articles, with Buzzfeed and The Guardian among the first partners.

Person with iPhone in hand looking at Facebook's Instant Articlesvia mumbrella.com.au


And this is why we can’t have nice things…

So people keep crashing into Google’s self-driving cars. It’s ok Google, it’s not your fault. Just play it cool. We just need to get rid of all the people. Then, and only then, will robots drive in peace.

google self driving car in traffic via popsci.com.au


On the plus side, Google topped Australia’s most influential brands list for 2015! Well done.

Original Tweetsta

Dave Foster of http://fostertype.com/ has been tweeting by hand(lettering) for May. Neat. In more ways than one.

Dave Foster's hand lettered tweets for the Month of May screenshot
Dave Foster's Writing Is perhaps the greatest of human inventions hand-written tweet screenshotvia twitter.com



Google’s answer to Pinterest merged with YouTube has arrived – and it’s called Collections. It basically categorises your posts, photos & videos by topic. But it’s only available on Android so far. Sigh. You let me down, Google+…you let me down.

google+ collections screengrab


If you’ve been living in a swamp this month (no judgment), then you probably haven’t heard of this app, which has rapidly gone viral and downloaded over 10 million times already. Dubbed Dubsmash, you can share homemade mashups of sound and video. Simply take an audio recording of a screaming monkey, and a video of your neighbouring colleague staring at you, and sync it together.

Just check out Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson dubsmashing it up…

And on that note, we say adieu this week. See you next time.