A Mustard Minute: 16 January 2015

January 16, 2015

Your weekly fill of trending, viral news is back! What’s happened this week, you ask? Well…

  1. With the closure of around 12,000 churches in the US in 2013, religious folks turned to their nation’s hero – McDonald’s. The concept – McMass – Putting Macca’s in churches across the country. Genius. Funnily enough, the fast food chain wasn’t too keen…

Religious campaign McMass screenshot

Site images taken down after an infringement of McDonald’s Corporation’s Intellectual Property Notice was filed. Image Source: McMass.com

  1. Speaking of McDonald’s, an inevitable parody video arose from a very sentimental video about their message boards…
  1. Google’s gamechanging Ara project is to pilot in Puerto Rico. For those not up-to-speed with Project Ara, check out this vid showcasing the prototype design…
  1. The dude who created “Send glitter to someone you hate” is selling his domain, only 24 hours since it went viral.

ship glitter to someone you hate website screenshotImage Source: shipyourenemiesglitter.com

  1. “Share your first Facebook profile picture” is the latest Facebook trend making the rounds. We had 2 of our own Mustard-eers reflect on their social status’ in 2004… My, look how they’ve grown…

mustard team facebook profiles then and now

  1. Speaking of Facebook, the tech giant is charging their way into the wearable device market with the acquisition of speech recognition start-up Wit.ai.

wit.ai screenshotImage Source: wit.ai

  1. LinkedIn users have been hit with phishing emails from scammers labeling themselves as “LinkedIn Support”, prompting users to conduct “compulsory security updates”.

linkedin scam email screenshotImage Source: forbes.com

  1. Dick poop is trending the Twittersphere after a celeb pronunciation hiccup at the Oscar Nominations by the Academy President.

dick poopImage Source: smh.com.au

  1. The “Friends” opening sequence without music is funnier than the show…
  1. And this news article makes the list of fluffiest news segments, right alongside the waterskiing squirrel. But seriously, this dog is kinda awesome.

And that’s all from us this week! Tune in next week for your weekly hit of trending news. Seeya!