A Mustard Minute: 17 April 2015

April 17, 2015

Only just coming up for air after one crazy week? Never fear, your trending news wrap is back! Here are this week’s latest Internet shenanigans…

Dumb Ways to Die – Game of Thrones edition

Amidst the battleground of post-season premier spoilers and episode leaks, one semi-cute semi-sick thing caught our eye – this dedicated youtuber’s parody of all Game of Thrones deaths in seasons 1-4…

Woolworths – Lest we forget to make money

The supermarket giant has been slammed for “inappropriate” use of digger imagery in its “fresh in our memories” campaign.

woolworths lest we forget campaign poster 2015mumbrella.com.au

I scream, you scream…

Ben & Jerry’s, the company famously associated with breakups and popcorn, are branching out into alcoholic sweets… Coming soon to a cinema near you – the Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

ben and jerrys and new belgium brewing salted caramel brown ale beerhuffingtonpost.com

Screams continued… MTV has released the trailer for the Scream TV show, premiering June 30.


Carlsberg set up a free beer-dispensing billboard in London, and joy was had by all…

free beer billboard by carlsberg in londonmumbrella.com.au

How it’s done in Texas.
To give or not to give an underage drinking fine? A game of paper, scissors, rock at a festival this week determined the outcome.

The spiderman of phone cases

You heard right! A kickstarter is running for anti-gravity phone cases, so you can secretly take selfies that look like other people took them. Or put it in high places. Or…something. I don’t know, but it looks cool.

zerog anti-gravity iphone case advertisementappadvice.com

It’s a nice day for a digital wedding

Brought to you by IKEA. For when you physically can’t bring everyone together on your special day. Naww.

ikea digital wedding program photographyoutube.com

The force is growing stronger!

Star Wars: the force awakens teaser part 2 is out!! Nuff said. Just watch it.

And that’s all from us this week. Have a great weekend now.