A Mustard Minute: 17 July 2015

July 17, 2015

It’s Friday gang, we made it! Hi-5’s all around. Now it’s time to take a minute and reflect on what’s gone down in the world of social, digital and tech.

David Chang has serious beef with our burgers

The owner of US restaurant chain Momofuku hates our burger flair. This week he lashed out about our disrespectful burger flipping ways with this tirade of abuse:

“You know who f#$!s up burgers more than anyone else in the world? Australians. Australia has no idea what a burger is. They put a fried egg on their burger. They put canned beetroot on it, like a wedge of it. I am not joking you.”

We might have let you get away with the egg comment, but when you bring beetroot into this you have gone too far.

 Momfuku chef David Chang and Aussie burgers

Speaking of burgers…

McDonalds billboard ad using emojis to explain being in traffic with Roadworks doesn't have to be so bad with McDonalds

Macca’s UK has had their latest advertising campaign hijacked. The billboards told a series of stories with emojis, each ending with macca’s and a smiley face – what could go wrong? As it turns out, enthusiastic budding artists came up with their own ‘improvements’, which were a little less flattering.

McDonalds emoji advertisement meme

More ad fails

Location advertising, who doesn’t love it? I for one know that I like to be reminded where I am at all times just so I don’t accidentally start thinking I’m somewhere else, like New York or Paris or Narnia… Unfortunately, advertising to specific locations can look a bit silly when something goes wrong.

Optus location advertising Burwood station billboard advertising for Croydon 4G

Trump proves Godwin’s law

Donald Trump has made an error that would make Tony Abbott blush. The billionaire, reality TV superstar and owner of the world’s most famous comb-over accidentally used an image of soldiers in Nazi uniform as part of his presidential campaign. We certainly know one intern who’s getting fired.

Angry Donald Trump

Harvey making headlines

12 years ago our hearts broke when Sabrina the teenage witch was cancelled. Since then we haven’t seen or heard from Nate Richert, better known as Sabrina’s lovable boyfriend Harvey, that is, until now. Richert tweeted his own ‘where are they now’ and it’s safe to say he’s gone full daggy dad.

What Nate Ricket (Harvey from Sabrina) looks like now 2015

Pluto New Horizons

Houston, we have pictures of Pluto, the planet that was once no longer a planet but now most definitely is a planet again. NASA’s New Horizon mission released images of icy mountains and a close-up of Charon, Pluto’s largest moon. But alas, no aliens…the truth is out there.

Close-up of Pluto's surface

Shop at Facebook direct

It may come as no surprise, but Facebook is testing a platform to allow users to buy direct from retailers’pages.

And that’s it, that’s all the news, see ya next time.