A Mustard Minute: 19 June 2015

June 19, 2015

If you’re like “what, the weekend again? What will I even talk about” don’t worry, we got yo back son! Check out the stories that have been making waves in the digital sphere before you face the world.

The trailer for Robin Williams new film will hit you right in the feels

The trailer for Robin Williams final movie Boulevard has hit the internet and it’s a real emotional whirlwind. Williams will play a bank manager whose long-suppressed sexual identity emerges. Williams has always had a sensational emotional range. In his final dramatic performance, this life-affirming drama gets a little extra poignancy.

Oh boy, I’m not crying, shut up!

You did what Samsung?

In news that will horrify most of us, apparently it’s easy for hackers to break into Samsung Galaxy phones and spy on our EVERYTHING. Vulnerability in the native Samsung IME software lets hackers look through the phone’s camera, listen to the microphone, read texts and install apps, so you know…just the important stuff. If I had anything worth spying on, I’d be real mad right now!

Introducing Obi

It’s been a big week for Melbourne Zoo’s gorgeous pygmy hippo. He has been named Obi and ventured out into the deep pool for the first time. Naww

Obi the baby hippo with mother at Melbourne Zoo

via ABC

In other Obi news…

The Mustard variety of Obi, our office security, needs to learn some manners.

Obi the beaglier with his private parts censored

Twitter gets its groove back

It feels like Twitter is on a winner with ‘project lightening’. In what feels like the first user experience focused innovation in a long time for Twitter the platform may have found a way to really capitalise on what it does best – live events.

Lightning will have a team of editors curating content and organising into a live stream that can be followed easily. The streams will also be available to people who aren’t logged into Twitter, heck they can even be embedded into websites. It’s a development that could give Twitter access to a whole new audience.

Twitter Project Lightning icon

via buzzfeed

And in more news about news…

YouTube is out to help those of us who’ve been fooled by the fakes. YouTube Newswire will feature a curated feed of verified eyewitness news. No more mistaking ‘The Onion’ for news again.

Screenshot of person falling for The Onion's story on Facebook

Apple hates you

Some Apple watch buyers are still waiting for the delivery of their orders and we’re already hearing whispers on what the 2.0 version will offer. It seems the latest version will feature a wifi chip making it actually useful, even if you don’t have your phone with you.

apple watch

Jurassic World

Zookeepers across the globe have hit the net to show off their inner dinosaur tamer. The results are all kinds of cute.

Facebook be creeping

Facebook has launched a new weapon in its battle of newsfeed nonsense. The new “see first” feature essentially allows users to highlight friends whose content they always want to see. You may have also seen Facebook’s creepy sidebar relationship counselor pop up asking you how well you know some of your friends…

Facebook - How well do you know people quiz

That’s none of your damn business, Facebook!

Hasta la vista baby

Arnie hit the streets dressed as Terminator for charity and it was pretty much the best. Just see for yourself.