A Mustard Minute: 21 November 2014

November 21, 2014

Falling behind on the latest trending news this week? No worries, our weekly round up is here…

  1. TV junkies down under, rejoice! Netflix will officially be available in Australia and New Zealand,March 2015.

netflix downunder advertisement
Image Source: Netflix

  1. A possible game changer for the SEM space – Firefox has switched its default search engine partner from Google to Yahoo.

Yahoo for Mozilla browser screenshot
Image Source: Mozilla

  1. Uber may be in a spot of bother after its New York exec, Josh Mohrer, let spill to a Buzzfeed journalist that he was “tracking” her with its ‘God View’ tool. Not cool, Uber.

uber location view error screenshot
Image Source: gizmodo.com.au

  1. Snapchat has launched its friend-to-friend payment feature ‘Snapcash’ in the US through payment app Square Cash. With the array of security concerns Snapchat’s faced this year, users aren’t so keen to start making transactions through the channel anytime soon…

snapchat snapcash feature on mobile
Image Source: Snapchat

  1. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone released his second app ‘Super’, an “anonymish” app for lols.

super app view screenshot
Image Source: Jelly Industries

  1. KKK USA’s Twitter account is hacked. “They should have seen this coming” – Anonymous

Anonymous KKK tweet
Image Source: Twitter

  1. Possibly one of the most misogynistic tales to read to your daughters before bedtime: Barbie, the “computer engineer”. The new book was slammed on Twitter and bloggers after Barbie needed men to help her with…everything.

Barbie is a computer engineer twitter status
Image Source: Twitter

  1. This guy reveals all about how to write a shitty young adult novel

two paragraphs on how to write a young adult novel
Source: postgradproblems.com

  1. Ladies and Gentleman…introducing the Selfie Sombrero. Because selfie sticks don’t have enough pink glitter.

selfie sombrero photo
Image Source: designboom.com

  1. And this dolphin enjoys gymnastics, doing the next best thing to tapping on glass to make a human perform for his amusement.