A Mustard Minute: 22 May 2015

May 22, 2015

Welcome back y’all, it’s Friday again and as we wind up another busy week it’s time to look back at all that’s happened in the social sphere over the past 7 days with another edition of the Mustard Minute.

Everyday I’m Facebooking

Sensis has released their latest study on the way Australians use social media. On average we spend just over 8 hours per day on Facebook – that’s a full workday, so I guess we’re all kinda working two jobs. Nearly half of us admitted that Facebook is the last thing we do before bed. It’s a hard life.

Girl reading phone in bed under the covers at night

via Getty images

Somebody call the police

In dark and confusing times, sometimes we need heroes to stand up. Australia, we have found those heroes. This week, Queensland Police took to social media to make a stand against public enemy #1: Nickleback. Be on the lookout guys.

Queensland police Service Be on the lookout for Nickleback poster

World Wide Flag

Have you ever wondered what a flag for Earth should look like? Well wonder no more! Oskar Pernefeldt from the Beckmans College of Design has created one. The result? A Vitruvian man meets Olympic rings number. Nice!

Proposed Earth Flag mockup by Oskar Pernefeldt

via flagofplanetearth.com

Beware the selfie

Pizza Hut has gone beyond the call of duty in an important public service announcement warning selfie enthusiasts of the dangers of the selfie stick.Worrying times guys. Here’s hoping that selfie superstars manage to overcome this difficult hurdle.

Selfie Emoji

In further selfie-related news emoji’s are set to go full inception with the selfie emoji included in an update for phones released in 2016. The update will feature 38 new animated emotions for important things like bacon, clinking glasses and face with a cowboy hat.

201 emojis featuring bacon emoji and selfie emoji

via Yahoo!

Teeny Tiny TVs

L.G has waged a battle of the bulge on current TV sizes this week, unveiling a 55” inch TV that weighs just 1.9 kilos. It’s so light that it can be held to the wall be magnets. What will they think of next? TV for ants?

Zoolander looking at the Center for Kids who can't read good