A Mustard Minute: 23 January 2015

January 23, 2015

If your brain’s still trapped under a pile of post-holiday emails, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered with another week of netxplosions you probably missed – just in time for the Aussie Day long weekend!

All Hail Our New Glittery Hero

Clever Aussie dude, Mat Carpenter has reportedly sold his viral sensation/chaos-engine Ship Your Enemies Glitter for a cool $USD85,000 at auction today on  Flippa.  Pretty sure this has the makings of an origin story for an evil genius.

ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com illustrated image of man receiving glitter

Oh, holo there

Our dreams of living out our StarTrek holodeck fantasies became one step closer to reality when Microsoft gave Wired Magazine a glimpse of Project HoloLens. Yay future!

Startrek Project HoloLens capture
Image via Wired


This is Spartan

More in Microsoft news, imagine a Leonidas-built, Bill Gates-brained leader rousing his 300 army and you’ll feel the approximate roid-fuelled excitement we’re feeling over Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer – Spartan, a browser  you can scribble over!  Fingers crossed this provides the catalyst for people still using IE 6 to finally make the switch.

Microsoft Windows conference introducing Spartan

Image via Techno Buffalo

Obama’s SOTU address gives us Heart Eyes

The Guardian’s translation of Obama’s State of the Union Address in emoji was just the kind of genius needed to grab the world’s attention.

State of the Union Address in Emojis screengrab
Read the full address on The Guardian

The one time Buzzfeed can’t even

FuzzBeed perfectly parodies the infamously click-addictive website with random content-automation. Hilarity ensues.

FuzzBeed screenshot

So that’s the wrap for his week. Enjoy lambing it up this Aussie Day weekend you beauty.