A Mustard Minute: 26 June 2015

June 26, 2015

Smokin’ hot hell yeah it’s Friday again. If you’ve missed the hot takes making the rounds this week then take a minute, check out all the goss.

Stop the pirates!

In bad news for homegrown pirates, laws have passed this week that will block access to sites that facilitate copyright infringements. Owners of film and music rights can apply to have websites blocked. R.I.P Pirate Bay and Kickass torrents, we will miss thee. In totally related news, Netflix Australia’s profit margin is set to soar.

Captain Jack Sparrow pondering

Disney goes Dino

In one of the best mash-ups of all time, Disney and murderous raptors meet at last in web artist Laura Cooper’s velociprincess series.

2 of the Disney Dinosaur Velociprincesses

Image via XP

More changes to Facebook

In news that will surprise no one, Facebook is planning to implement another change. Facebook is looking to introduce a more engaging advertising platform for mobile devices as mobile becomes the new normal for the social media giant.

Clueless the musical!

Lovers of the 90’s get your jazz hands ready because Clueless! The musical is coming. It’s about time the genius of “Ugh! As if!” was busted out in perfect falsetto.

Three girls from Clueless the movie

OS shootout

Google and Apple have both unveiled their new operating systems, setting the scene for the latest installment of phone wars later this year. High on the agenda for both parties is the battle for increased battery life. As I was reading that, my phone died.

The truth is out there… possibly in another universe.

A research paper has been released which suggests that the reason we haven’t found aliens yet might be because they are in another universe. The paper suggests that other universes may be far more conducive to life than our own.

Planet in the solar system

Who said alcohol can’t be helpful

What do you do when you’re drunk at a Hawaiian resort with time to kill? If you’re one of Australia’s greatest comedians, the answer is live Tweet a press conference. Wil Anderson took to Twitter and went HAM on the number of flags. Well played Wil!

Wil Anderson live tweets flag press conference with Tony Abbott - screen shot

That’s it, get out there and channel your inner creativity Wil Anderson style.