A Mustard Minute: 28 November 2014

November 28, 2014

While the US eats turkey and prepares for epic shopping madness, folks down under pondered about all the snow-themed Xmas paraphernalia on shelves, and tuned in to the ARIAs (well…some of us did). One Directioner Liam expressed the majority of the nation’s sentiment towards the awards show…

Here’s what else has been making the rounds on the web this week:

  1. Yahoo continues twiddling its fingers and curling its moustache in sweet anticipation as rumours arose this week that Apple may be dumping Google as its default browser.

google+ sign-in page on apple iphone man holding it in his hands
Image Source: bandt.com.au

  1. Facebook’s moving in on LinkedIn’s pro-networking turf, announcing ‘Facebook at Work’, an ad-free rival will be hitting screens sometime in the New Year.

facebook and linkedin apps on an iphone close up
Image Source: dailymail.co.uk 

  1. Love science? Love drinking? (I’m gonna go ahead and assume you answered yes to those so this next part works…) Well this pocket pal app gives you data-driven recommendations of drinks you may or may not like based on your past faves. Just scan the bottle and let the good times roll…

Person taking photo of beer on an iPhone to get review of beer
Hello Next Glass, my new friend… Image: pskf.com

  1. Speaking of letting the good times roll, I can now smugly retire my ‘Frugal Wine Buyer’ hat and don my ‘Cab Sav Connoisseur’ cap after Aldi wines were placed among the top 100 best wines at the Sydney International Wine Competition.

6 red and white aldi wines
Image Source: Supplied via goodfood.com.au

  1. Watch your back, Instagram. Tumblr and Pinterest are now the fastest growing social media platforms.

instagram logo on tumblr logo
Image Source: Luke Leonard / Mashable

  1. Irony or optimisim? Depending on where you sit on the cynic-fence, Monty Python’s “Always look on the bright side of life” topped the charts for best funeral song.

monty python performance "always look on the bright side of life"
Image Source: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty via rollingstone.com

  1. Speaking of irony/optimism, 90s sitcom actor and born again proverb-sharer, Kirk Cameron, tries to game Rotten Tomatoes for his rotten movie and fails epically.

kirk camerons facebook update about rotten tomatoes

Yep. Still at 8%…

kirk cameron's saving christmas rotten tomato score screenshot
Image Source: rottentomatoes.com

  1. Sia proves she’s gratefully “meh” about her ARIAs by giving them away on Twitter to people who’ve done good.

sia giving away her aria on twitter screenshot of her update
Image Source: twitter.com

  1. Do you even Vine? Well… if you do… you can now favourite stuff if that’s what you’re into.

vine notification on iphone screenshot
Image Source: mashable.com

  1. And of course this would happen. Why wouldn’t it happen? Why hadn’t it?? Batman vs Darth Vadar – the epic show down. Enjoy…