A Mustard Minute: 30 January 2015

January 30, 2015

With the four-day week coming speedily to a close, we give you the latest post-Aus-Day news and trends circulating the web this week.

Shake it off

Turns out Swifty’s “Shake It Off” would have only made it to #12 on the Hottest 100. Haters gonna hate, hate hate, hate, hate.

triple j votes for Taylor Swift's Shake It Offvia mumbrella.com.au

Speaking of the Swifter, she’s apparently trademarked “this sick beat“, because Taylor Swift. Shake it off guys, shake it off…

This Sick Eat

Pizza Hut may face Vegemite’s wrath for their vomit-inducing patriot cheesemite crust pizza Aus Day promotion. Turns out they like didn’t ask for permission. Oops. Whilst a part of me wanted to revel in the salty experiment, the larger part nibbled pitifully at a cruskit, and told sad stories to my calorie counter app.

vegemite crust pizza from pizza hutvia time.com

Speaking of abysmal food creations…it’s Superbowl time in America. Which can mean only one thing. This kind of abomination

mashable snack stadium for superbowlvia mashable.com

I’m just not even surprised anymore, America.


Facebook, Instagram & Tinder went down this week & Twitter made a slow and sexy victory dance.

facebook down - twitter update meme with Obi-Wan Kenobivia buzzfeed.com

Referring once more to the Twitter score chart, the social network also released video & group chat features this week. Man, Twitter is so hot right now.

twitter video and group chat features screenshotvia twitter.com

2015? You mean we’re in the future?

Earlier this month, Nike announced they were to release the self-lace-up shoes depicted in Back to the Future’s 2015 imagining. This week they stood up for the regular Joe’s, announcing a less expensive replica. I mean, who needs self-lacing shoes anyway?…I really want those shoes.

back to the future self-lacing shoes by nikevia designtaxi.com

You can also complete your BTTF II outfit with an Apple Watch – The tech giant announced the gizmo would be hitting shelves in April this year. The cheaper alternative to this is turning out your pockets and spinning around in a cardboard box for a while.

apple watchvia designtaxi.com

Another LOL cat bites the dust…

4Chan founder, Christopher “moot” Poole, opts for retirement 12 years after establishing the service at 15 years of age.

4Chan founder, Christopher “moot” Poolevia readwrite.com

The Photoshop Game

Lindsay Lohan over-liquifies her assets as a substitute for community service. You go, LiLo.

lindsey lohan photoshop failvia tmz.com

And that’s a wrap! See you next week and enjoy your Friday now.