A Mustard Minute: 5 June 2015

June 5, 2015

With the promise of a long weekend firmly in our sights, it’s time to take a minute to prepare yourself for the impending weekend discussion with a Mustard Minute to get you up to date.

Silly Sausage

As we approach the halfway point in the year we have an ad that has broken away from the pack and taken a nearly unbeatable lead in the race for the biggest ad fail of the year. Costa Rican beer Republica Parrillera Pilsen’s latest billboard aims to marry beer and BBQ’s great idea, the ad features a large sausage on a fork in front of the bottle of beer, perfect.

Costa Rican beer Republica Parrillera Pilsen’s latest billboard ad featuring a beer and giant sausage

Via Reddit

The problem is that from the reverse angle the sausage looks like…well, uh…something else altogether.

Costa Rican beer Republica Parrillera Pilsen’s latest billboard ad from behind looks like a penis

Via Reddit


The ads are coming

Facebook has just announced plans to open the floodgates of advertising on Instagram. After a year of trialing advertising with an exclusive group of partners, the new ad format will launch featuring click-to-buy ads and app-install ads. Details are still scarce about the way this will play out but it’s safe to say the ads are coming…

Speaking of social advertising…

Pinterest has announced it will also add buyable pins allowing people to purchase direct from the app.

The ads are taking over…

Except they’re not. The Internet went into a mini-meltdown earlier this week with the suspicion that Netflix was about to start incorporating advertising. Netflix has quickly responded by assuring people that they will not run external ads but will show users “cool trailers for Netflix content you are likely to love”. Phew!

Jon Hamm looking zen



Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have to be pretty amazing to beat this as the coolest Star Wars thing to happen this year. Haier Asia’s AQUA brand will release a fully rechargeable remote control R2-D2 mini fridge. The full size replica, complete with sound and motion, is also a fully functional fridge that can deliver your drinks straight to the couch. This definitely IS the droid you are looking for.

Man reaching into a R2D2 Fridge

Year book win

Being a teenager is tough. The closest most of us get to making a considered and articulate political statement is singing along to NWA and Rage Against the Machine. Amongst the mess of sappy song lyrics and cliché inspo quotes in yearbooks 17 year old Caitlyn Cannon made one of the best barbs of all time.

Where the + at?

It appears Google is subtly preparing to retire Google +. The + sign has disappeared from Google’s notifications and the right hand browser bar. Google + pages are also featuring less prominently in searches which will surely prompt a mass exodus from the platform. Fare thee well Google +

Google Photo on the other hand…

After Google’s I/O presentation Google Photo has captured our imaginations. If you’re guilty of having so many photos that it’s impossible to ever sort through prepare to have that fixed. Essentially it’s like Gmail for your photos. The photo engine has uncanny (and slightly creepy) smarts allowing it to sort the photos you upload by person, location and a host of common elements. The smarts are extremely impressive, incredibly useful and just a little unnerving.

Photo of a person on their phone looking at Google Photo

Via Gizmodo

Bring on the GIFS

Ever wanted to find the perfect GIF but not had the time to sort through Tumblr’s and Buzzfeed’s articles? Well worry no longer, Tumblr has introduced a GIF search. It’s about time.
Teen wolf victory GIF

Transformers boredom in disguise

In a cruel blow to anyone who has proclaimed “Michael Bay is killing my childhood” the latest video in the “kids react to” series shows pretty clearly that kids now don’t think our T.V was particularly great anyway. Turns out some kids kind of think the cartoons ruin the movies.