A Mustard Minute: 8 May 2015

May 8, 2015

Welcome back to another addition of Mustard Minute – your weekly source of trending, viral news that’s been making the rounds on the web this week. Here’s the latest…

Cadbury loses its senses, releases Vegemite chocolate

In what can be seen either the worst decision ever made or the best social networking campaign in quite a while, Cadbury has announced that it will be releasing a limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite block in June. Cadbury’s Associate Director of Marketing says that the product aims to spark social conversation as part of their #chocpluswhat Twitter campaign.

cadbury vegemite advertisement

Our response to this flavour combination:

it's a no from me meme

The Tinder Hunger Games

In the best use of Tinder that we’ve seen so far, it’s been reported that some women are using the dating app to get free pizza. Yep. After swiping right at the victim and chatting for a bit, these hungry ladies then convince the unsuspecting paramour to deliver pizza to their house.

tinder pizza game status Facebook

Tinder pizza delivery status update Person who used Tinder for free pizza message screenshot
Some even suggest exotic foods in the event pizza is unavailable, like this lass:

tinder screenshot message guy bought Sushi for Tinder date

This is seriously amazing.

Guy who created Vine account “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” passes away; Ryan Gosling finally eats his cereal in tribute

Ryan McHenry, the man behind the infamous “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” sadly passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. McHenry spent a great deal of time trying to get Gosling to respond to the meme, but never really came close to a response. After hearing the news, Gosling took to Twitter to present the perfect tribute:

Rest in peace, Ryan.

Microsoft crushes your ego with its age-guessing software

The software giant has launched a website called How-Old.net that guesses your age. I was pleased to find out I looked 24, 29 and 35 from various angles. I’m flattered and slightly disappointed, but all in all it was a great five minutes spent.

microsoft how old do i look twitter status update

So Facebook’s algorithm has changed AGAIN

Facebook have made another update to its news feed that now relaxes the rule that you wouldn’t see multiple posts from the same source & also ensures your friends’ content is higher priority. Posts your friends like or comment on will also appear lower in the feed.

That’s cool though – we get to choose our own social content for a little while.  Meet the animated puppy prompting mobile users to “see more of what you love”.

facebook puppy Pick friends and Pages to always see first feature screenshot

And SJP and Rihanna win gold in most ridiculous outfits

And here come the memes…

rihanna pizza dress meme MET galaSarah Jessica Parker's Met Gala hat with a flame photoshopped over it


And that’s all from us this week. Tune in next week for more trending news and viral views!