12 What The Facts Of Christmas

December 24, 2004

Sick of the tinsel, consumerism and recurring carols abound? Here’s something to cheer you up.

We’ve compiled 12 of our top Christmas fun facts for you to add to your bank of useless (but so, so entertaining) knowledge. Enjoy!


1. In Japan, Christmas equals KFC

Thanks in part to a clever advertising campaign 40 years ago, Japanese citizens love to celebrate Christmas by sharing a big ol’ bucket of fried chicken.

2. Christmas stockings have a dark past

Sinterklaas (A.K.A the modern-day St. Nick) left bags of gold for girls at risk of turning to prostitution. One gift fell into a stocking and voila!

3. Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet is the companion of St. Nick in Dutch folklore, inappropriately portrayed by an actor in blackface and Renaissance attire.

4. The Caganer

Catalonia’s weird defecating nativity figure.

5. Tió de Nadal

Catalonians also love dressing up a log with a face and blanket, and bashing it over a fire on Christmas Eve.

6. Krampus

A.K.A the anti-Santa in Germanic folklore. Young men continue to dress up as the beast-like creature to frighten children. Sweet.

7. 13 Santas

Speaking of the anti-Santa, Iceland has 13 Santas, including one that kidnaps children. Yikes.

8. President Scrooge

Well, more of a deforestation activist, Teddy Roosevelt banned Christmas trees at the White House during his term.

9. Christmas Pudding magic

In Britain, every member of the family MUST stir the cake mix clockwise while making a wish. Some even put a coin in to bestow wealth on the lucky finder.

10. Christmas spiders

Ukrainian Christmas trees are covered in fake spiders and cobwebs for good luck.

11. SantaCon

The SantaCon is held in NYC and every year ends in a traditional breakout of Santas’ fighting.

12. Santa Tracker

And finally, a misprint in a newspaper ad led children to call the Director of Operations for the US Continental Air Defense, instead of ‘Santa’. Instead of ignoring the calls, the Director gave kids updates on Santa’s whereabouts. Awww.

Well that’s it from us! May your Christmas be filled with lots and lots of cheer, food and you knocking back a few – Hurrah!

– The Mustard crew