Facebook Unveils New Reactions

October 9, 2005

Less than a month ago Mark Zuckerberg eluded to the fact that Facebook was testing something that may provide people an alternative to the humble ‘like’. At the time, the Internet lost its collective shit with excitement / anger. Today the new feature was unveiled, and as we expected it’s not the ‘dislike’, thumbs down feature people had been waiting for / fearing. Facebook reactions give users a range of Emojis (Facebook call them “Reactions”) to use as an alternative to using ‘like’.

How will Facebook’s Reactions work?

When users hit likes they will be presented with six additional Emoji reactions to choose from.

What are the Reactions?

For users

Reactions are essentially a great new usability feature – it allows people to post commonly used stickers at the click of a button. For users, it makes it easier to share a more detailed emotional response. It connects people and is likely to result in more engagement on posts.

For Facebook

Higher engagement is a great thing for Facebook. It means people spend more time on the site, see more advertising and more importantly it allows them to develop an even greater understanding of individuals using the site. The results could mean better engagement.

For Businesses

The Reaction that is most likely to be abused by users is ‘angry’ but it doesn’t quite hold the weight of the feared ‘dislike’. Analytics reports will have to be more detailed but on the plus side there is the potential to develop a greater insight into the way our content resonates with audiences.

Our take

The new Reactions feature makes sense, and once users and businesses get used to it, the feature will add some additional depth to the Facebook experience. We do think, however, they missed a couple of reactions we wanted to see, so we’ve gone ahead and made them ourselves. Hit us up, Zuckerberg.