June 11, 2004

Before people were writing stories they were painting, scratching, carving and inking them on to wood, skin, clay and stone. Stories were also told verbally, through music, dance and acting.

Today, the ways in which we tell stories are even more diverse. What hasn’t changed, however, is our receptiveness to stories. Stories engage, inspire and move us. By making them a core component of your marketing strategy, you can evoke the same experiences in your customers.

Inspiring action through storytelling

Who knew a can of coke could give you goose bumps? Or that YouTube would make you feel nostalgic? Businesses are setting themselves apart by engaging and inspiring their customers through compelling storytelling.

People are looking for intimacy with brands. By incorporating storytelling in to your marketing strategy you can effectively fulfill this desire for personal connection.

Storytelling to create a connection

There is a level of confidence we feel when people we trust recommend a product or service to us. This confidence can be matched by your business when you integrate effective storytelling in your marketing strategy.

By focusing on establishing a connection with people, you’re inspiring trust and genuineness, ultimately helping facilitate their decision to commit to you.

 Your storytelling checklist:

Is your story relevant to your target audience?

If it’s not relevant, then your target audience will not care for it.

Is your story consistent with your brand message and brand promise?

Creativity is important, but so is consistency. If your story strays too far from your brand, people will be left feeling confused and disinterested.

Does your story contain characters or situations that your target audience care for?

Your target audience will re-imagine themselves in the scenario you present to them. So make sure your story is a positive one.

Does your story generate interest, not just fulfill business objectives?

If it’s not interesting, it’s not worth the time. Simple.

Does your story have universal appeal?

Do you care about your story enough to want to share it with others?

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