A Mustard Minute: 7 November 2014

November 7, 1990

With the work week coming to an end, it’s time to take a minute to get up to speed with this week’s latest trending news…

  1. Star Wars VII has a name! Aaaaaand nobody likes it. “The Force Awakens” awoke a Twitter storm of #BetterStarWarsTitles. Here’s a few for consideration, J. J. Abrams…
  1. A blind woman sues Coles over online shopping experience.  
  1. Meet Satiregram. Our new favourite Instagram account.
  1. The 2014 Astrofest in Australia’s iconic Parkes ‘Dish’ in central NSW awarded winners of best space-themed photos.
  1. Surprise, surprise. Governments have requested more user data from Facebook.
  1. The Danish National Chamber Orchestra ate the world’s hottest chillis…and performed.
  1. Due to decreasing search traffic, Germany’s top publisher Axel Springer has now allowed Google to show snippets of articles from its newspapers.
  1. Christopher Nolan’s epic space travel film Interstellar is here! Using new effects drafted through astrophysicists’ formulaic representations of space, we should be in for some spacy film goodness. Check out the trailer .
  1. Jasper the dog has been found after a social media campaign went viral.
  1. And the Discovery channel wants you to see a snake eat a man whole…in early December. What a tease…

And that’s it for the minute! Tune in next week.