Mustard’s Good Beer Adventure

May 20, 2004

Hope you have dancing shoes ready and you’ve dusted off your favourite stubby holder coz Good Beer Week has kicked off in Melbourne.

Over 9 days, our fine city will play host to over 250 beer-related events at makeshift beer halls, from Pentridge Prison to some of Melbourne’s fanciest fine dining establishments.

The events are split into 5 streams: Beer 101, Beer Lover, Beer Geek, Foodie and good times, so you can sample, learn about and most importantly drink all the beer.

To celebrate, the peeps at Mustard put together the Mustard Beer Map, pinpointing the crews’ beer-drinking journeys around the world

As always, teamwork pays off and between us we’ve sipped an array of lagers, ales and pilsners in 339 cities.

The average team member has covered the world and sampled liquid gold in 29 cities.

Of course there are always one or two team members who go above and beyond the call of duty. With that in mind we bring you The Mustard Creative Good Beer Week Hall of Fame:

  • Damien gets our first honourable mention with hop handshakes in an impressive 51 cities
  • Belinda (or is it Beerlinda) also just missed the podium with 51
  • Nicola manages a bronze (or is it amber) in third with 63
  • Aimee takes the silver with a staggering 72 cities
  • Stephen has taken out the win with an amazing 92 cities, we don’t know whether to be impressed or worried.

You can get all the details on the fun and madness of Good Beer Week over at

Have fun out there and make sure you drink responsibly.