5 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Shows Bursting With Creativity

March 31, 2016

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is a mother flippin’ all-you-can-eat smorgasbord packed with tasty hot takes. Over 26 nights, the world’s most livable city plays host to over 2000 performers who put on 6603 individual performances of 535 shows. Melbourne’s biggest theatres, 5 star hotel conference rooms and tiny back alley bars are all transformed into temporary comedy clubs to make up the 121 performance spaces of the festival.

Joining the world’s biggest and most well known comedians is a plethora of smaller acts doing niche shows, breakthrough shows, shows that make you laugh and sometimes shows that make you wonder WTF you just saw. So we’re taking the time out to throw some love to some of the next crop offering up a fresh take this festival. Check ‘em out!


Kate Dehnert – Shabamalam

Comedian Kate Denhert trying to catch a rock

Now in her third year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Kate’s performances are always an interesting and creative comedy exhibition. It’s part stand-up, part absurd narrative, part musical comedy all wrapped up in one immersive high-energy show.


Radio Variety Hour
 Comedians radio variety hour MICF

In a previous review of Radio Variety Hour, Yawp comedy said, “I never knew a cabbage could be so hilarious” and that’s a pretty good summary of the wonderful world these three talented performers create. You’ll transported back to the 1950’s in this live recreation of the golden age of radio serial.


Tommy Dassalo – Little Golden Dassalo

Comedian Tommy Dassalo

The mutli-talented podcaster, writer, illustrator and comedian Tommy Dassalo is a favourite around the Melbourne scene. His latest show gives his audience a delightful trip down memory lane harking back to the nostalgia filled magic of Little Golden books. Every audience member is invited to follow the show in their own ‘Little Golden Dassalo’ book provided on the night.


Chimp Cop – Chimp Cop Nights

Comedians Chimp Cop

This is a sketch comedy offering from three outstanding solo comedians in their own right. Chimp Cop is gloriously fun and silly sketch comedy that is likely to be different to anything else on offer at this year’s festival.


Ongals – Babbling Comedy

Korean Comedians Ongals

K-Comedies biggest exports are bound to be your new favourite act. Ongals smash together a hilarious mix of high-energy clowning, magic, beatboxing and dance moves into an hour of entertainment that is literally fun for all ages.


There is literally 10000000 more shows than that on offer, so get out and see something while you’ve got the chance! See the big shows, little shows, fun shows and the down right weird shows before they’re gone for another year.


Oh, and while you’re at it – see the guy writing this little run down.