Ever wanted to throw cake in the face of your ad agency?

A civil affair with our clients and suppliers turned into civil warfare for our 15th birthday…

Here’s our secret recipe on how to celebrate 15 years of shared success:


Start with multiple cups of love

Open the pantry of thought. Prep usually takes 30 minutes. Remove stale ideas, and blend together the freshest of the bunch.

Fold in genuine intent

Mix genuine intent thoroughly, ensuring you remove any false affection.

Bake a ‘taster’ sample and season to taste.

Prepare Phone

Preheat phone to desired temperature and set timer to 3 days.

Ensure you allow the news to cool before stirring for rsvp’s.

Add a generous amount of beer & wine

Allow time to fully marinate.

Serving suggestions

Once totally basted, it’s time to serve. Serve with your choice of aperitif – as long as it’s champagne.

“Mustard vs clients/suppliers cake smash is a triumph of relationship celebration. Five stars”

- Michelin fine food guide

Mustard’s commitment to our clients…