September 1, 2017

YouTube receives a makeover, Facebook cracks down on fake news and Apple bins the home button. All that and more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

YouTube Finally Gets A Makeover

Although it’s been a long time coming, YouTube has finally got a well needed makeover. The new look on the website and app is clean, simple and more focused, with the red borders traded in for clean white lines and even sporting a new logo. There are a stack of new features, so check it out for yourself!


Uber Announces New CEO

On Wednesday, Uber confirmed they have appointed Dara Khosrowshahip (previously Expedia CEO) to be their new CEO. The CEO role has been vacant since June when Kalanick resigned due to a string of negative publicity regarding company culture. Hopefully Khosrowshahip can get Uber back on track.

Apple Plans On Binning The Iconic Home Button

According to Bloomberg, Apple has some big plans for the release of the new iPhone, and getting rid of the home button is the first thing on their list – say what!? September 12 is the official unveiling of the new iPhone, so stay posted.

Facebook Cracks Down On Fake News

Say goodbye to false or fabricated news. Facebook is making a stance and stopping pages who regularly share false stories from permanently buying any Facebook ads, regardless of whether the ad includes a disputed link or not. Tough times call for tough measures!


        Image via TechCruch

Millennials Say No to Uncool

According to new research by Comscore, 21% of millennials delete apps that don’t meet their design expectations, compared with Gen X who only removed 2%. Branding teams across the globe unite in sadness.


Image via Ad Age


Facebook Expands Memories & Milestones Feature

We’ve seen the popularity of the “On This Day” sharing prompt expand into milestones related post about friendships. Now Facebook has introduced monthly and seasonal sharing prompts. You should start to see this kind of thing coming up on your news feeds soon:




Image via Tech Crunch


New App To Detect Facial Reactions To Shared Photos

Understanding what goes through people’s heads when they scroll through Instagram and Facebook content is every marketer’s dream.  That’s just what Polygram, a new photo-sharing social network, has tried to do. By using facial recognition, the application can provide analytics about the emotional reactions people have to the content you post! We’re interested to see if Polygram gains traction or not and what kind of data we’ll soon have available.



Image via Tec Crunch

And on an unrelated note… a Twitter user in Japan has been banned after making death threats against a mosquito 


And that’s it from us this week!