October 13, 2017

Snapchat adds Context cards, LinkedIn launches Talent Insight for recruiters and Dove comes under fire for a racially insensitive Facebook Advertisement. All that and more, in this week’s Mustard Minute.

LinkedIn Launch Talent Insights

Listing as many as 11 million jobs at one time, LinkedIn has established a large business out of recruiting and it’s now one of their largest sources of revenue. It’s really no surprise a new Talent Insight will be launching, allowing recruiters to search different parameters related to a specific job they want to fill. All the while, the tool will provide company reports around recruitment patterns at a specific organisation and affiliated competition. For the full rundown check out Techcrunch.

Image via TechCrunch


Facebook Launches Mac and PC Workplace Chat

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for – the option to access Facebook messenger through our desktop. Users are only able to access this feature through Facebook’s Workplace software and it is designed for business use.


Image via Techcrunch


Dove Causes Outrage In A Facebook Advertisement

Dove has come under fire for their latest Facebook Advertisement which showed a black woman wearing a brown shirt and removing her top to reveal a white woman in a lighter top. Dove has since removed the ad and posted a formal apology on Twitter.

Image via NBC News

Snapchat Adds Context Cards

Launching in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, Snapchat Context Cards supply information including reviews, tips, reservations, booking rides, directions, operating hours, phone numbers, websites and other snaps from around the area. This new information will appear in Snaps submitted to Our Story, search, Snap Map or via venue-specific geofilters. For more information check out Adweek.

Image via Adweek


Twitter Bookmark

Twitter plans on launching a bookmarking feature similar to Facebook, allowing you to save tweets for later #SaveForLater.

Google Gives Apple a Run For Its Money

If you haven’t already heard of Google’s Pixel Bud then get listening. These Bluetooth headphones can translate 40 different languages. This is seriously every traveller’s dream.