September 15, 2017

Apple releases three new iPhones, Instagram stories can now be posted on Facebook and Facebook introduces a group video chat app. All that and more in the Mustard Minute: September 15.

Apple iPhone Revealed

As expected, Apple took the world by storm, releasing not one but three new iPhones. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which have faster processors, better cameras and a wireless charger, and the iPhone X which has an OLED screen, bigger screen and yep, no home button. There are some super crazy new features! If you after a rundown on which iPhone has what features check out The Verge.



Image via The Verge

Insta Takes Over Facebook

Get ready to see Instagram stories turning up as ads on you Facebook feeds. This new tool will allow brands to turn their Instagram stories into carousel-like Facebooks ads.

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Mashable

Facebook Tests Group Video Chat

Currently only available in Denmark, Facebook has been testing a group video app called Bonfire. The app has special effects, and allows up to 8 people to chat in one conversation. The best thing is that you don’t even have to download the app, it allows you to open this feature via the Facebooks Messenger app. It is yet to be determined when this feature will be released to the rest of the world.

Image via Tech Crunch

WhatsApp Has Started Advertising on Facebook

WhatsApp is advertising on Facebook and it enables customers to start conversations with businesses. There is now an option in Facebook Ad Manager that lets businesses buy ads with the call to action “Send WhatsApp Message”.  Check out an example below:

Image via Tech Crunch

Mercedes-Benz To Go Fully Electric By 2020

Recently Mercedes-Benz released a statement that they will be electrifying their entire vehicle line-up by 2020. Cars will either be a hybrid or fully electric. Mercedes-Benz now joins other automaker embracing electrification such as Volvo, Ford’s Lincoln luxury sub-brand and Daimler-owned sub-brand. It will be interesting to see which other automakers will jump on the electrification bandwagon next.

Image via Tech Crunch

Tinder Hits Number 1 in App Store

For the first time, Tinder has become the top grossing app in the Apple Store. Tinder has also launched a string of paid apps such as Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus and offers extra paid options such as Super Like and Tinder boost. Since when did dating get so expensive!

Image vie Tech Crunch

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