August 18, 2017

From Obama’s tweet making Twitter history, to Apple’s $1 billion investment into video streaming, we have your Friday round-up of this week’s news covered.

Obama Makes TwitterHistory

Barack Obama tweeted in response to the “Unite the Rich” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville this week. The message was so powerful it received over 3.9 million likes to date and is officially the most liked tweet in history.


Facebook Adds eBay To The Mix

Although they’re are only in an initial test phase, Facebook has added eBay daily deals to the Marketplace feature. Deals can be shopped in the Facebook app before being taken to eBay’s site for checkout. Depending on the success of testing, we could see eBay in the Australian Facebook Marketplace soon. Let’s get shopping!

Image via Techcrunch

Instagram Stories No Snapchat Replica

Insta Story has established itself as so much more than just a 24-hour video or photo post. Teen Vogue discovered recently that the biggest engine for subscriber growth was from their Instagram Story when promoting their new Woke Letter newsletter. Instagram for the win!

Image via Digiday

Move aside EDMs

With mobile separation anxiety being labelled as nomophobia, it’s no surprise push notifications have a 50% higher opening rate compared with emails.  According to new research, 68% of users enable push notifications on their phone applications, so it’ll be interesting to see the development and use of notifications amongst marketers moving forward.

Image vie Kissmetrics

Facebook Cashes In On Influencer Posts

On Monday, Facebook released a new feature that lets brands promote publisher and influencer posts as ads. The creator needs to give the brand permission to boost the post when they compose their message and tag the page using the brand content control. Another day, another dollar to be made with Facebook.


Image vie Facebook Business

Apple Joins Video Streaming Party

Just when you thought the video streaming industry couldn’t get any more competitive, Apple has decided to jump on the band wagon. The tech giant is rumoured to be investing $1 billion in original content, which could see more than 10 TV shows released. Hello BINGE weekend.

Tesla Pumping Up Aussies for Solar

Who doesn’t love a good solar panel? Okay, not many people now you mention it. However, Tesla has taken a fun approach when demonstrating the possibilities of their home solar products. The Tiny House debuted last week in Melbourne’s Federation Square. They’ve added wheels and plan on embarking on an Australian tour.

Image via Techcrunch

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