Mustard Minute: 19 January 2018

January 19, 2018

Adidas collaborates with Berlin’s Public Transport, Facebook announces Messenger will undergo a simplified makeover and YouTube tightens its content creation rules. All of this and so much more in this week’s Mustard minute.

Adidas Shoes Double As 1 Year Transport Pass

In an unlikely collaboration, Adidas has partnered with Berlin’s public transport (BVG) to encourage positive public transport habits – in style, of course. The limited-edition ‘EQT Support 93/Berlin’ shoes take inspiration from the BVG design and doubles as a one year transit pass for just $220 USD. This is a significantly cheaper option, since a one year transport ticket alone is $893 USD. Practical and stylish – we like!

Image via AdWeek

Facebook To Simplify Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger Chief, David Marcus, has recently released a statement announcing Messenger will simplify and streamline the application. Features and capabilities have grown exponentially in the past couple of years, hence the decision to keep certain features while others will be removed. Fewer options will be provided to deliver an improved user experience. One feature guaranteed to stay is the automated bot options that were introduced in April.

                     Image via Venture Beat

YouTube Tightens Up Rules For Creators

In a bid to regain advertisers’ trust, YouTube is implementing tougher rules around creator monetisation and partnerships. On Wednesday, YouTube reduced the requirements to join their Partner Program. Originally requiring 10,000 total views to join, the program now only requires 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past year. The Google Preferred program will also undergo some changes. Ads will only run on videos that are manually curated and verified to meet YouTube’s advertising-friendly guidelines.

                      Image via TechCrunch

AR App Brings To Life ‘Walking Dead’ Wine Label

In light of the February mid-season premiere of ‘Walking Dead,’ Last Wine Company has released a Walking Dead themed Cabernet Sauvignon called “Blood Red Blend”. However, it doesn’t stop there. Consumers are able to download the Living Wine Label mobile application and activate an augmented reality experience by pointing their phones at the wine label. The application shows multiple scenarios ranging from zombies breaking through the bottle to Sheriff Rick Grimes fighting zombies in the store aisle. Unfortunately, this concept is only available in the US, however the potential of AR will soon be at the forefront of many Australian businesses.

Image via Mobile Marketer


Facebook Priorities Family & Friends On News Feed

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Facebook will be modifying the content that users see on their news feeds. The modifications place a primary focus and importance on family and friends and will place less importance on Pages. This could have complex implications for brands, including less engagement, reach and video watch times. However, social media marketers need not despair. There is a setting where followers can click the “see first” button on a brand’s Facebook Page.


Image via SpinSucks


Audi Blocks Drivers Who Access Web On Their Phone

In a bid to prevent phone use while driving, Audi has blocked website access in vehicles traveling over 20km per hour. If the device is in use, a notification will appear on the smartphone screen. In order to continue to the web, it requires the user to confirm they are a passenger and not the driver. This is a great step in educating drivers to rethink the use of phones when driving.

           Image via AdWeek