Mustard Minute: 20 April 2018

April 20, 2018

Facebook adds AR drawing feature to Facebook Stories, Instagram is set to offer content downloading and KFC Hong Kong releases an awesome new advertising campaign. All that and more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

Brands Partner with Ride Service

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Cargo, a car commerce company in the USA.  Cargo provides in-car goods and services, allowing customers to order different Coca-Cola drinks and snacks (think smart water, lollies, phone chargers, cosmetics, gum, personal items, etc.). Other companies such as Red Bull and several Kellogg and Mars brands are partnering with Cargo as well. The partnerships aim to help marketers reach a captive audience while supporting drivers who want to supplement their income.


Image via Mobile Marketer

AR Drawing Option Added to Facebook Stories

In a bid to convince more users to engage with Facebook Stories, Facebook recently added an augmented reality drawing feature. With plans to extend the brushes and tool options in the coming months, we may see the birth of various 21st century Picassos…

Image via AdWeek

KFC Hot & Spicy Ad Delights & Humours

KFC Hong Kong introduced an advertising campaign in which their chicken represented fire in various photography pieces. What better way to highlight KFC’s Hot & Spicy Chicken? The campaign has seen success due to its simple yet effective images that capture the attention of its target audience in a humorous manner (and kind of makes you hungry!).

Image via AdWeek


Facebook App Redesigns ‘Bookmarks Menu

In order to centralise all of the controls on Facebook, the ‘Bookmark’ menu on the Facebook app is being redesigned. Account settings such as Privacy Shortcuts, News Feed Preferences, Activity Log, Payments Settings and more will now sit within one location. The redesign comes at a time when Facebook has been heavily scrutinized over its data privacy protection.

Instagram Set To Allow Content Downloading

Instagram is currently developing a new feature that will allow users to download a copy of what they share on Instagram. This includes photos, videos, and messages. It is reported Instagram plan on releasing the update before the end of May.