September 22, 2017

Brands are using Snapchat glasses to film adverts, Facebook offers the options to snooze friends on your feed and Jamie Oliver makes the most of Chatbots. All that and more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

New Filters For Snapchat

Snapchat has added sports and weather filters to their extensive filter folder. These new filters aim to provide more personalised information so people can give more context about their lives to friends. And who doesn’t love a new filter?

Image via Lose Angeles Times

Snapchat Glass Used To Film Ads

Burger King and Sainsbury’s are the first two Snapchat clients to use Snapchat glasses to shoot an entire ad that appears on snapchat. Pretty impressive since the glasses have only been out for a year.


Image via AdWeek

Jamie Oliver Sees Chatbot Potential

With the release of Jamie’s new recipe book about Quick & Easy food, it’s only fitting that he built a chatbot that send customers recipes through Facebook messenger when they posted an emoji. Talk about convenience.


Image via The Drum

Twitter joins Facebook in stopping hate-targeted ads

Twitter has now fixed the bug that allowed advertisers to target users with racial or derogatory terms. Nice one Twitter!

YouTube 6-Second Ads Are Effective

YouTube released a report claiming that 90% of advertisers saw a lift in ad recall after testing 300 mobile bumper campaigns. For a rundown of the report, check out Business Insider.

Facebook Adds ‘Snooze’ Feature

Sick of seeing all your friends sun baking in Europe? Facebook has a solution. Simply click the snooze button and you are able to temporarily hide people from your feed. It’s about time.

Image via Tech Crunch


And that’s it from us this week.