July 28, 2017

What better way to recap the week then with some noteworthy news. From millennials killing the beer industry, to Apple teaming up with the Rock and going viral, we talk all things trending on social this week.


SnapChat Introduces Ad Manager

Marketers around the globe sigh with relief with the news that they can now create Snap Ads (full-screen video ads) themselves instead of having to go through one of SnapChat’s ad partners. About time SnapChat, about time!

Image via Buffer


Pokémon Go Fest Experiences Disaster After Disaster

It seems Pokémon Go Fest just couldn’t catch a break. On the big day, the game not only stopped working but the cellular network crashed too – looks like it was game over!


Catch Ya Adobe Flash

The world rejoices as Adobe will finally kill off Flash by 2020. The end of Flash will bring improvements to security and battery life on laptops and mobile devices. It’s a win for all.


Microsoft Paint gets the sack in Windows 10

From 1985 to 2017 we were graced with poorly-designed and badly illustrated digital art made on the legendary Microsoft Paint. Though the news comes as no surprise, Windows 10 plans on putting efforts towards Paint 3D… oooh fancy!


Millennials Are Destroying The Beer Industry

It has been reported that beer brands are struggling to keep afloat as demand for beer by Millennials has declined. According to CNBC, Millennials prefer wine and spirits over beer. So put that espresso martini down and grab a beer!

Image via Sam Adams

First Implant Made For IPhones

When you thought Apple had invented it all…They have now teamed up with Cochlear to introduce the first iPhone Cochlear implant for their users. The device is surgically embedded implant to control and customise the sound from an iPhone.

Image via Techcrunch


LinedIn Lite Launches

In a bid to increase more users in the market, LinkedIn Lite has launched a pared down version of their app for users in markets where data networks are slower and relatively more expensive for consumers. The app takes up only 1MG of space and uses 80% less data.


Image via Techcrunch

This Tech be Crazy

Two stats to make troglodytes shudder in fear were released this week. Chatbots have been predicted to grow by a staggering 1000% by 2020. A Deloitte study found that people are checking their phones up-to 82 times per day. Welcome to the future.

Getty Image Via Adweek

Apple Teams Up With The Rock And Goes Viral

Apple received a whopping 7.5 million Youtube views since releasing the “The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day” video on Sunday. Well done Apple for being able to smell what the rock was cooking. Check out the Video:

That’s it from us this week!