October 6, 2017

Instagram introduces a polling feature, Twitter doubles its character limit and SpaceX Rockets plan on transforming the travel industry as we know it. For a rundown on the latest trends and social media updates, check out this week’s Mustard Minute.

Instagram Story Adds Polling

Instagram: solving indecisive behaviour since September 2017. Now with the newly introduced Poll sticker added to Instagram Stories, users can pose a question to followers and receive a tally of the 2 response choices. This could be a great new feature for marketers to compare their product offerings and see which is more popular.

Image via AdWeek

Snapchat Launches Augmented Reality Art Platform

Available in Las Vegas, Sydney and Paris, Snapchat has released a new augmented reality platform featuring artists such as Jeff Koon. The art will be pinned to specific locations and can be viewed when holding up your phone in the right spot.

Image via TechCrunch

Facebook Tests Facial Recognition

Although still in testing, Facebook is developing its own version of Face ID, so if you get locked out of your account you can regain access by using your face to verify your identity.

Uber Cops Huge Blow in London

Uber has lost its license to operate in London as the application to renew its license was rejected by London’s transport regulator. There were multiple reasons for it being denied but the main issue was Uber’s lack of ability to handle customer complaints and action changes. For the full scoop check out TechCrunch.

Instagram Gives Users More Control in Moderating Comments

You now have much more control in moderating comments posted to your Instagram account. The feature is designed to silence potentially offensive comments. Users can limit comments to specific groups of people and block accounts commenting on their posts. Sorry mum – you’re out.

Twitter Increases Character Limit

In a bid to allow users to be more expressive, Twitter has increased the character limit to 280, doubling the original 140 character limit.

Image via The Verge

And on another note…

SpaceX To Use Spaceships for Earth Travel

Elon Musk has shown off his ambitious plans to provide transport using SpaceX rockets to cut down trips to almost anywhere in the world to under an hour.  Although this is a long way off, the future is looking mighty fine for budding travellers – especially for those of us in the South Pacific! Check out the video for more info.

And that’s it from us this week!