September 8, 2017

Facebook officially launches a Watch tab, Instagram gets hacked and Amazon and Apple take on Hollywood. All that and more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

Facebook Watch Tab Launches in the US

This week, Facebook officially launched the Watch Tab in the US, giving you easy access to Facebook’s original video content and the option to subscribe to your favourite TV shows on mobile, desktop & the TV app. There is no official launch date yet for Australia, but we suspect we’re not too far behind.

Image via Tech Crunch

WhatsApp Business Is Coming…

WhatsApp plans on introducing an application for businesses of all sizes. The app is designed to allow businesses to communicate with consumers through notifications on events such as flight times and delivery confirmations.

Google Adwords Works With What You’ve Got

A new update will allow digital marketers to limit or increase their ad frequency depending on product inventory in stock.

Apple and Amazon Fight It Out For Bond, James Bond

Apple and Amazon vie for distribution rights on the Bond Franchise alongside current leading bidder Warner Brothers. With Amazon and Apple entering into this competitive market trumped by the likes of Sony, Universal and Fox, this could potentially lead to massive changes within the Hollywood movie distribution industry.


Image via Tech Cruch

Instagram Hack

This week, a bug exposing users’ contact information was believed to have effected both verified and non-verified Insta accounts. Hours after the hack, a database called Doxgram was selling user information for $10 per search. The site was quickly shut down, however much of the damage was done. For more information, check out The Verge.

Image via The Verge

Hey There New Google Emojis

It was only a matter of time before the 2013 Google emojis got a well overdue makeover, now sporting a more symmetrical circle and life-like figures similar to its Apple counterpart.

Image via Wired

On another note… a new ad promoting Australian lamb has sparked controversy from the Australian Indian and Hindu communities for encouraging a vegetarian Ganesha to eat lamb.

That’s it from us, see you next week!