Mustard Minute: 9 March 2018

March 8, 2018

Facebook pulls the plug on separate newsfeeds, Lacoste’s iconic croc makes room for some new limited-edition ‘endangered species’ merchandise, and KFC responds to the U.K. chicken crisis in the best way possible. Check out this week’s Mustard Minute for your weekly breakdown of cutting-edge advertising news.

Olay Influencer Skincare Challenge boost engagement 20%

Olay recently introduced a social media campaign that asked influencers to document their experiences using Olay products for four weeks while Olay updated followers on the way. The campaign saw a 20% increase in engagement and a 22% increase in monthly Google searches for the brand. The beauty industry is quickly discovering the power and importance that influencer marketing has on their business.

Image via Mobile Marketing

Power Rangers Jump on AR ads For Anniversary

What better way to celebrate 25 years on TV than with a campaign featuring browser-based mobile ads that reveal augmented reality (AR) experiences. The “You’ve Got the Power” ad utilises AR by allowing users to take a selfie while trying on different Power Ranger helmets. Viewers are then encouraged to share their selfies on the website or on social media.

Image via Mobile Marketing

Lacoste’s Iconic Croc Makes Room For Some Endangered Species

In a bid to support the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and alongside BETC Paris, Lacoste has signed a 3-year partnership to “Save Our Species.” Lacoste recently introduced 10 endangered species that will appear on a series of limited-edition polo shirts.


Image via Adweek

Facebook Separate News Feed Fail

After testing two separate news feeds in six countries since October (one oriented around friends and family and one catering to advertisements and promotions), Facebook has decided to pull the plug on the separate news feed idea. Users found the feeds didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family. Marketers around the globe will be pleased with the findings.

KFC Responds to U.K. Chicken Shortage In A Hilarious Way

A somewhat bizarre chicken shortage crisis in the U.K. broke out earlier this week, when KFC completely ran out of fried chicken. KFC has made a public apology in a creative stunt by rearranging its name to spell “FCK”. The shortage was due to an operational issue with their new delivery provider, forcing 900 stores to close down. People are praising KFC with their ingenious use of PR crisis management.

Image via Adweek


That’s it from us this week.