Mustard Minute: Friday 20th October

October 20, 2017

Google Maps received backlash from adding calorie estimates for walking directions, Facebook launches Food Order feature in the US, and LinkedIn launches video ads. All that and so much more, in this week’s Mustard Minute. Check it out:

Google Maps Removes Calorie Estimates For Walking Directions

Although it was short lived, Google Maps added a feature that showed estimates of how many calories people could burn by walking. Google removed this feature as it received much criticism, as not only being unhelpful but even being potentially harmful.


Facebook Launches ‘Order Food’ Feature in US

Facebook has partnered up with food ordering companies in the US to provide a new “Order Food” feature. The feature allows food to be ordered from local restaurants using pre-existing food provider accounts. Facebook is currently not charging any fees and does not have a share in profits from the venture. Depending on the product’s success, we could see this feature pop up in Australia soon.

Image via TechCrunch

South Park Slams Facebook In Latest Episode

South Park didn’t hold back in its latest episode, slamming Facebook for selling fake news. The show accuses Facebook for making money from the latest bursts of fake news, benefitting from content manipulation. In recent events, Facebook can’t seem to untie itself from various waves of criticism.

Ad Sales to rise by 25%

Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Twitter are expected to see a 25% collective growth in ad investment in the third quarter according to MoffettNathanson. Ahh and the rich keep getting richer.

LinkedIn Launches Video Ads

LinkedIn announces they will now provide sponsored video content which will auto play and appear as a standalone unit with a promoted label. LinkedIn is slowly catching on to (and following) Facebook’s advertising features.

Tesla Fires hundreds

After an annual performance review, Tesla has reportedly sacked 400-700 employees. The review addressed recent results and the processes used to achieve those results. Tesla has released a statement saying they are continuing to grow and hire new employees.

Image via TechCrunch

And that’s all from us this week!