Mustard Minute: Friday 27 October

October 27, 2017

From a Brazilian toilet paper company apologising for using a black empowerment slogan to a stack of social media channel updates. We have your most up-to-date social news this week in Mustard Minute.

Twitter Plans To Launch Transparency Centre

In light of the foreign meddling during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Twitter will be creating a new transparency centre. This will dedicate a section to political ads, showing how much campaigns spent on advertising, identify the organisations funding the campaign, and what demographics the ad targeted.

LinkedIn Introduced Smart Reply Feature

LinkedIn wants its users to be able to message ‘smarter’ with reply suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to conversations. Technology gets smarter and the human race gets that little bit lazier.

Image via AdWeek


Pinterest Utilises Power of AI

With the help of AI, Pinterest will launch a tool design that is able to learn and recommend products based on users’ individual image searches and online transactions.

Instagram Adds Guests To Live Stream

Just when you thought the live stream option on Instagram Story couldn’t get any better, Instagram now lets you add guests to the live stream. The company has rolled this out in hopes to encourage more video usage.

Image via TechCrunch


Snapchat Adds Two New Features

You can now privately message links from other apps through the iOS share sheet, plus you can temporarily hide your location for 3 to 24 hours on location sharing.


                Image via TechCrunch



Brazilian Toilet Paper Brand Removes Slogan

A Brazilian toilet paper manufacturing company has been forced to apologise and remove their advertising slogan “Black is Beautiful” for their black toilet paper line. The criticism emerged due to the misappropriation of the slogan with a historic movement intended to empower black communities.

Image via BBC