Mustard Minute: Friday 10 November 2017

November 10, 2017

From Snapchat undergoing a full app redesign, to Instagram and Shopify teaming up to provide links to online stores. We have the latest social media updates for you this Friday arvo.

Snapchat To Be Redesigned

Snapchat will undergo a complete redesign of the application in a bid to make it more intuitive, including a new algorithm that personalises recommendations of Stories. CEO Spiegel also mentioned you can expect improvements to the messaging part of the application. The company is willing to take the risk of short-term disruption as users get used to a new design for a substantial long-term benefit to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories & WhatsApp Doubles Snapchat Users

There is no slowing down for Instagram and WhatsApp, both obtaining 300 million daily users (which is nearly double poor Snapchat’s daily users).

Image via Techcrunch


Maybelline Winning Social Strategy

Maybelline has been dubbed the master of driving social media engagement compared to its competitors including Estée Lauder and Revlon. On Instagram Maybelline saw a total of over 59 million likes between the start of the year and October. The success is all thanks to a combination of frequent, educational posts, savvy influencer relationships and a collaboration with Gigi Hadid.

Image via Glossy

Instagram Partners Up With Shopify

An ecommerce platform, Shopify, is integrating with Instagram. Users can now tag products in their posts, while customers who tap the tags will be linked to the online stores. This could provide great potential for marketers.

Image via SMK


And on an unrelated note…

A grandma goes viral on Twitter after accidentally filming herself when trying to film a half-time show. 51k worth of retweets – nice!