November 3, 2017

Facebook adds two new tools to optimise advertising campaigns, Instagram injects a second Instagram Stories preview and Uber now offers credit cards. All that and more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

Facebook Adds Two New Tools To Advertising Campaigns

On Tuesday, Facebook introduced two new tools for brands to optimise split testing: Creative Split Testing and Test and Learn. Creative split allows you to A/B test different formats, visuals, headlines and call to actions so you can determine which version had the best results. Test and Learn, although still in pilot testing, allows advertisers to ask specific questions and receive information on which tests they should run.

Instagram Injects An Additional Stories Preview

You may have already noticed this change on your feed – Instagram added a bigger ‘Stories preview’ mid-feed to show preview tiles of people’s slideshows. The Preview tiles are twice as big as the Stories bar at the top of Instagram’s feed.


Image via TechCrunch


Facebook Allows Business Pages To Use Facebook Stories

Although Facebook Stories has been unsuccessful amongst regular users, now the network has opened up the access to Business Pages in hopes it will have more success. Marketers are quickly jumping on the Facebook Stories bandwagon to test its effectiveness.

WhatsApp Let’s Users Recall Messages

You can now recall messages you sent by mistake! The only catch: it will leave a notification saying a message has been deleted.


Image via TechCrunch


Instagram Get Close Up

Instagram’s new superzoom feature lets you zoom-in and add cinematic sound effects with a single tap.

Image via TechCrunch


Uber Introduces A Credit Card

In a bizarre turn of events, Uber has partnered with Barclays and Visa to provide an Uber Credit Card. This innovative tactic allows Uber to access valuable customer information while adding to a larger role in online and offline commerce.



Image via TechCrunch

New Dating Application Added To The Mix

Move over Tinder and Bumble! There is a new dating app in town that prioritises enabling real dates rather than chatting. The application is called Tonight, which allows you to sign on when you’re free for a date that same evening. If both you and one of your matches are free, the app will give you a time and place to meet up.

Image via TechCrunch

And that’s it from us this week!