Mustard Minute: 23 February 2018

February 22, 2018

Snapchat breaks into the e-commerce space, beloved airline Air New Zealand implements an emoji campaign specifically targeting millennials, and Tinder adopts Bumble’s ‘female first’ approach. Check out this week’s Mustard Minute.

Snapchat Adds GIF Stickers  

Snapchat has partnered with Giphy and now offers a library of animated GIF stickers users can add to their Snaps. Users are able to add multiple GIFs in a single post, while moving and resizing each individual GIF as they please.

Image via Adweek

Tinder to Adopt Bumble’s Approach

It was recently announced that Tinder, the number one online dating app, will introduce a ‘ladies first’ feature, similar to the popular dating site Bumble. Enabling the feature gives females the power to start the conversation, while the men must wait for the initial message. The feature can be enabled or disabled at the user’s preference. Although Tinder is the most successful dating app in the market at present, it was reported that Bumble is eating into its territory.  We gather this is Tinder’s approach to fighting back.

Image via Tech Crunch

Nike’s Air Jordan Sells Out In 23mins On Snapchat

Nike became the first brand to sell a product directly through Snapchat, with the Air Jordan III “Tinker” shoe selling out in a short 23 minutes. Aside from its recent branded merchandise release, the collaboration is Snapchat’s biggest push for e-commerce in-app.

Image via Mobile Marketer

Air New Zealand Introduces #EmojiTravel

Air New Zealand released a social media campaign that provides customised travel itineraries based on emoji characters. The campaign is specifically targeting millennials and Gen Z. The campaign asks Facebook and Twitter users to use a digital icon to describe their ideal trip to NZ and to use the hashtag #EmojiJourney. The airline will then send a link to a personalized map with emojis, highlighting travel points of interest.

Image via Mobile Marketer

Oreo Snacks AR Mobile Scavenger Hunt

The Oreo brand introduced a new campaign that utilises augmented reality through a scavenger hunt called, “The Great Oreo Cookie Quest”. Users are encouraged to find hidden virtual cookies in everyday objects and then use image-recognition technology on their smartphones to confirm they have found the digital Oreos. Players can accrue points for each cookie found, which puts users in the running to win some awesome prizes. This is a great initiative aiming to transform passive audiences into active participants.


Image via Mobile Marketer

And on another note…

Elon Musk is at it again – this time his Boring Company is trying to build a Hyperloop from D.C to New York that only takes 29 minutes in travel time. The company has recently received a permit for preparation and preliminary excavation of a site in the nation’s capital. Currently the trip from NY to D.C takes more than 3 hours, so a 30-minute trip would win over a lot of frequent travellers and business professionals.


Image via Tech Crunch


That’s it for us this week!