2015 Predicted Packaging Design Trends

November 3, 2004

What are our predicted trends for packaging design in 2015? Minimalist, eco-friendly and experimental, basically.

Here’s a full list of our top packaging design trend predictions for next year:


Sustainable packaging will continue to evolve, reflecting the increasingly socially conscious consumer.

Packaging will speak to this with an ideal that is eco-friendly and that features raw and considered characteristics. We expect craft paper to play a huge role in this development.


Hardly a trend, this classic design approach will continue to demonstrate why simplicity is timeless with design that utilises little imagery and clear fonts.

Flat and lack of depth colour will also feature heavily.

Macro Hero Photography

2015 will be all about honest ingredients showcased up close.

Think muesli, bread, soups, nuts and salads. Packing design will showcase these products as wholesome, upfront and real.


We predict that clear packaging will also be prominent and will be used to elevate product integrity. No frills, just plain-spoken packaging.


White on white and white on clear.

It speaks to ultimate luxury and health in 2015. White and colour will continue to make an appearance, but don’t be surprised to see all-white dominate.


Metallics will be used in small doses rather than in an all out colour-glitz.

It will speak to indulging in small, every day luxuries or be used to create the sense of a well established or crafted brand.


Colourful and dynamic and an old trend that is still going strong.

It might not be the same, however, we’re predicting that 2015 will mark its reinvention.

Finally… Sand packaging?

I guess we’ll see.

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