5 Reasons People Won’t Read Your Content And How To Fix It

Content, Marketing
August 11, 2016

According to KISSMETRICS over 77% of businesses are using content marketing; let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us.

When it works, content marketing is an incredibly cost-effective way to reach customers and build relationships. The problem is in the all-you-can-eat buffet of content it’s harder than ever to make sure your content isn’t left to go old on the digital bain-marie. We’ve compiled some common errors that spell trouble for your content.

1) You aren’t contributing anything new

Once upon a time repurposing popular content was something you could get away with, but with content fatigue that’s not the case anymore. If you’re not offering a fresh opinion or some new information, then you’re in trouble. You might get away with it once, but your retention rate will suffer.

The solution?

Get creative – Whether it’s offering a new angle, adding your expertise or just giving it a quirky take, your content needs to feel fresh.

2) Your headlines are letting you down

Don’t think headlines are important? Prepare to be shut down. A study by Yackler found that 59% of links shared on social media haven’t been read by the person sharing the article. If your headlines aren’t enticing your content won’t be read. It’s that simple.

The solution?

Make your headlines compelling. It’s that simple. Let the audience know what they’re going to get from your article in one line. If you need help, try using this handy tool that rates your headlines for you.

3) You haven’t allowed for your content to be scanned

One of the major fears of the modern reader is large slabs of copy. If you haven’t broken your content into digestible chunks you are going to lose some readers.

The solution?

Short, clear paragraphs and where possible, engaging use of sub-headings or numbered lists.

4) You’re focusing on keywords, not readers

SEO has moved a long way in the last few years. Unfortunately, not all content readers have. Keywords might still be advantageous for allowing search engines to scan, but the quality of your content is more important for both user behaviour and search engines.

The solution?

Write about topics that are related to your keywords and let them come out naturally. This will make your content far more readable and still attract the attention of the SERPS.

5) You’re focusing on yourself and not the readers

Here’s a harsh but important truth: when it comes to digital content, no one particularly cares about your product or company. You’re disrupting their browsing time so you can’t spend too much of it talking about yourself.

The solution?

Show don’t tell. Talk about things that show off your expertise, or add value to your customer but don’t feel the need to talk about yourself too much.

…Or you could just get us to write your content. We think we’re pretty good at it.



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