Mustard’s Big Day Out

July 24, 2015

We all know that direction and passion are key factors of success. People often talk about taking time out to ‘find yourself’, so how does a company ‘get in touch with the real brand’? We wanted a whole company one-week Bali retreat, but that wasn’t possible and buying Bintang singlets for everyone just wasn’t going to cut it. So we set some time aside to take a good ol’ field trip to reflect, set some goals and make commitments to our customers and each other moving forward.

The big reveal

After being chaperoned to a mystery location in the finest maxi taxi (and Content Manager Hannah’s “vintage” 1999 Hyundai Excel) we arrived onsite, anxious to find out what was in store for the day.

We got in the zone

Once we got into our swank private cinema it was time make sure everyone was relaxed, comfortable and ready.

The serious stuff began

We started with a brief trip down memory lane. This enabled everyone to reflect and agree upon where we are now.

We looked at where we want to be

The future aspirations of the brand were revealed, allowing everyone to have a solid understanding of what we’re working towards.

We ran through how we were going to get there

Mustard is a brand that’s known for building real relationships and that’s something we want to push even further going forward. We’re going to actively seek more customer feedback and take our customer relationships to the next level.

Our commander in chief channeled his inner Oprah

Exciting new initiatives were announced including a solid commitment to investing in the team. We’ll have the chance to up skill and develop allowing us to grow as professionals and allowing Mustard to improve and expand our services. We were also offered a fantastic opportunity to get out in the community and offer real, tangible support to charities in need – not token design work that does more for our PR than it does for the charity we’re helping – but proper, hands-on stuff.

We got our grub on

We took some time to hang out and have dinner, because there is no ‘I’ in team but there is definitely ‘meat’.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Or not meat!!! #Vego4Life