If You’re Not Factoring In Baby Boomers In Your Digital Strategy You’re Missing Out

September 15, 2015

Are you neglecting baby boomers when you create digital campaigns? A report by eMarketer found that many baby boomers feel like they have dropped off marketers’ radars.

In the age of integrated campaigns, social media marketing and increased digital footprints, it’s possible that as an industry we’ve been to focused on appealing to the younger digital natives when building campaigns. If you fall into this category you’re making a big mistake and it could be costing you. Here’s why:

Boomers are like totally heaps digital

There might have been a time where younger audiences dominated the online world, but that is certainly not the case today. One study found that a staggering 82% of boomers are using social media. In Australia, boomers make up 20% of website visits and 72% of online boomers use Facebook at least once a month.

They’ve got the money

The boomers are expected to own 70% of the world’s disposable income by 2017, ignore that at your own risk.

They’re ready to spend it

Far from settling down and going quietly into the night, boomers are looking to live it up in their later years. A survey found that 70% of people aged over 50 wanted to buy a more luxurious house. It’s indicative of a generational attitude; they’ve worked hard for their money, now they’re ready to enjoy it.

They do their research online

86% of baby boomers routinely research products online before they buy them. Boomers are lessinfluenced by word-of-mouth and more influenced by retail websites than any other demographic.

The boomers might have been late to the digital party, but they are well and truly here to stay. By neglecting our senior citizens we are ignoring a huge chunk of the market, remember that next time you go to set your Facebook target audience to 16-40.