October 21, 2004

Rebranding your company is no quick fix – it requires considerate planning, innovation and the drive to transform your business in to a brand whose identity and culture inspires people to embrace the new you.

Whether you have a  greater vision for your business or want to alter customer perception, rebranding can be what your business needs to successfully relaunch itself.

Here’s a list of reasons to consider rebranding your business:


All businesses big and small have to start somewhere.

That ‘somewhere’ is often working with a small budget you used to create your own logo, launch a simple website and market your business with an untested and untried marketing strategy. Furthermore, at the conception of your business you may be unsure of who your audience really is and how to successfully engage them.

Fast forward a few years and the success of your business has outgrown its infancy stage, you know who you are – and who your customer is, but your current branding is no longer reflecting that evolution. Time for a rebrand.

Staying current & relevant

Staying current in an increasingly competitive and crowded market place may require you to take another look at your image. Your core target audience might also change, so it’s important that your branding reflect this.

From a design standpoint, older visuals can significantly work to your disadvantage and may need a refresher – although you may think ‘heritage’ your customers are thinking ‘outdated’.

New key services or products

Maybe you used to have a product or service that was key to your business that you’ve now discontinued. Perhaps you’ve revamped your services or have a new core product that requires you to update your branding to reflect it.

Whatever it is, expansion beyond your original products and services is a very good reason to consider rebranding. You need to remain relevant to your customers, and that relevancy needs to be reflected in your branding.

Negative publicity 

There’s been backlash against you and the controversy it has sparked is considerable enough to warrant rebranding.

The rise of social media has resulted in greater exposure of actions and call for accountability of brands. And with the internet as a kind of digital catalogue, past transgressions can exist as permanent stains on a brand’s reputation.

If the severity of an incident requires a ‘new identity’ to shed negative perceptions, then it’s something worth considering. Although i’s a tough road to take, retaining a tarnished image can be even more detrimental to the future of your business.

A merge or acquisition

Two separate companies joining as one means you need to create a singular brand image. And in the case of acquisition, when a business changes hands, new philosophies and values often requires an update of a brand’s image in order to accurately portray such changes.

Rebranding can be just the thing your business needs to push it in a new direction and inspire confidence for success. To talk to us about branding strategies for your business, you can get in touch with us here.