July 10, 2014

I lead a team of some pretty cool, dedicated and creative people. We often get up to no good, but we’re ultimately committed to producing good work for good people.

From one leader to another (or those aspiring to be) here’s some leadership tips to help you better lead your own wolf pack.

1. Take risks and back yourself.

 Starting your own business and leading a team of people requires you to take a lot of risks. Just don’t be too reckless about which you take. I learnt to take calculated risks from a young age, but I always backed myself.

It’s a bit of a cliché but it’s absolutely true. Who else will back you if you don’t believe in yourself? Your mum doesn’t count.

2. Learn, listen and provide support.

 You’re not leading a one-man wolf pack. Be conscious of the fact that you’re leading a team. To build something with others and really grow as a leader, you need to let others be heard.

It’s important that the voices and opinions of your whole team are given weight and that you provide them with the support and infrastructure they need to contribute and collaborate together.

 3. Challenge your own leadership.

I get an internal buzz and a huge kick out of leading a team of people that each have something unique to bring to the table. But leadership is a lot of responsibility and you have to be prepared to work hard each day at it.

Constantly challenge yourself to make sure you’re not only evolving as a leader, but that you’re also encouraging others to grow as leaders too.

4. Have a laugh.

Great leadership is sometimes about letting go and having a laugh with your people.

You’re spending a lot of time with them. If there’s a better example of a second family than I don’t know what that is. If you don’t know how to connect and have a laugh with them then that’s something you need to fix. Pronto.

The truth is that I love what I do. My passion for my team helps me grow as a leader and as a collective, helps Mustard grow as an agency. Never did I think that I would find a group of people who wanted to spend most of their week with me. Well, kind of.

Daniel Penny is Managing Director at Mustard | a creative agency.