5 Incredibly Creative Christmas Campaigns

December 22, 2005

‘Tis the season to go shopping. As Santa Clause comes to town he brings a fat stack of innovative advertising campaigns with him. Brands ramp up the creativity as they compete to be top-of-mind during the lucrative gift-buying season.

To get into the festive spirit we’ve rounded up our favourite campaigns from Christmases past:

Coke Zero – Sweater Generator

Coke get it. I mean their branding is so strong that people actually believe they designed Santa. In 2013, Coke took on an impossible mission – making daggy woollen sweaters cool. Their social media competition asked users to design the perfect holiday sweater with the winner decided by votes on various digital platforms. The results featured a blissful blend of itchy wool, polka dots and badass ninjas and received 45 million organic impressions.

Expedia – Santa flies coach

Christmas gifts marketers with a plethora of beloved characters to play with. Expedia’s ‘Santa Flies Coach’ used this to convey their message to perfection. The ad sees the jolly fat man flying around the world to earn Expedia + points which he donates to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Air Canada – Gift of Home

Air Canada wanted you to feel all the feels with their ‘A gift of Home’ campaign. The social stunt captures the priceless and real emotional reactions of homesick Canadians being told they were getting a free trip home to see their families for the holidays.

Honda – Happy Honda Days

Honda showed that holiday campaigns don’t need to be overly Christmas-focused to be effective. ‘Happy Honda Days’ saw the car manufacturer team up with 80’s cartoon villain Skeletor. The character featured in their advertising took over their social accounts and posted wonderfully silly Christmas videos, even teaming up with other childhood favourites like G.I Joe, He-Man and Gumby.

JC Penney – Jingle More Bells

JC Penny highlighted the importance of giving in their #jinglemorebells campaign. For the centrepiece of the campaign they created a social stunt video in which they allowed shoppers in the store to give a free gift to a stranger. The campaign then encouraged viewers to pay it forward and #jinglemorebells by spreading holiday cheer and uploading videos to social media via justgotjingled.com

If you already have a favourite Christmas ad of 2015 hit us up, we’d love to see it.