July 21, 2004

No matter what industry you work in, self-study is a great way to finesse your skills without paying big bucks to take a course for further study. For designers, there are so many great books, websites and apps to help you brush up on your design prowess.

We asked two of our designers, Kayla Mossuto and Aimee Ryan to share some of their favourite resources for both the aspiring and working designer, as well as creatives of all kinds.

Kayla Mossuto:

1. It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be’ and Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite’ by Paul Arden – Kind of like guidebooks that are full of industry tips as well as great advice to help you out in not only your career, but life outside of it too.

They cover creative problem solving, taking risks and provide a lot of insight in to how to get the most out of your work. Both books are short, absolute must-reads for any creative.

2. CURVY – A really great resource and a bit of a guilty pleasure. CURVY originated from Sydney as an annual book and exhibition series in 2003 and has since grown to feature all kinds of beautiful creative pieces by women from all over the world.

From Mexico to Moscow, Tokyo to Norway, and of course – Melbourne! CURVY’s mission is “to inspire and celebrate the most creative women in the world.”.

3. Practical Photoshop Mag – This one’s for photographers and retouchers, featuring a diverse range of tricks, tips and suggestions. Their website is also a very handy resource for tutorials.

Aimee Ryan:

4. Kern Type –  A super fun kerning game to brush up on your skills. It’s simple enough, the aim of the game is to achieve readable text by moving the spaces between the letters provided to you. Once you’re done, your attempt will be compared to a typographer’s, which will be what determines your score.

5. AND this app (free to download! Yes!) just came out last week. DESIGNerd, it’s basically trivia for designers.. need I say more?


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