October 30, 2005

7 Killer Halloween campaigns!

Halloween is the time for carving pumpkins, questionable costumes and frighteningly bad puns. It’s also a huge opportunity for marketing, advertising and communications professionals to have some fun, branch out and reach consumers with cleverly themed content. With that in mind, here are some killer branded tricks and treats.

Mini Cooper car costume

Mini Cooper Canada took advantage of Halloween’s costume fun by dressing up cars parked on busy streets. The cars were draped with Mini Cooper costumes with the tagline ‘even your car is dressing up as something sexy. Happy Halloween!’ The makeover would have given at least a few people the nightmare of trying to work out where their car was parked.

Mini Cooper Halloween car costume

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Scares

To take advantage in the boost in popularity of sweet treats over the Halloween period, Kellogg’s released special Halloween theme Rice Krispie Squares, The ‘totally schocklatey’ and ‘Chewy Malloween’ bars were placed in a vending machine at the Dublin Institute of Technology and at CHQ shopping centre. The machine offered people free Rice Krispie squares – the catch? When they reached in to pick them up, there was an actor waiting to grab their hand. The prank received global coverage after reaching the front page of Reddit. Check it out below.

Metro – Dumb ways to die

The viral video smash hit got onboard the ghost train and channeled their best R.L Stein ‘Choose your own scare with a fun short trick or treat, choose your own adventure’ video.

Petco competition         

Petco now run an annual social media competition that calls on pet owner’s to do what they love most, show off their pets.  They offered people the chance to win a $25,000 cash prize to re-create their favourite movie scene with their dogs. The campaign resulted in a 325% increase in sales for the month.

Petco make a scene halloween

Tide – Scared Stainless

Tide also went the down the path of re-creating famous horror movies, using Vine to create clever, six-second versions of famous horror films featuring their product.

Oreo Laboratorium

Oreo channeled their inner Dr. Frankenstien with claymation videos that showed the creation of ‘Nomsters’ in their ‘labratorium’. Fans then had the opportunity to name the Nomsters on social media.

Rei- Zombie Survival Tool

In the height of Zombie mania outdoor supplier Rei published their infographic guide to surviving World War Z. The guide covers essential tools and five survival skills you’ll need to take on the walking dead.

Happy Halloween y’all, now go get freaky!