8 Easy Content Ideas For Your Brand’s Social Media

November 12, 2004

Need ideas for your current content marketing efforts?

Here’s 8 of the easiest and most effective content ideas to execute across your own social media channels:


They’re pinterest-able, tweet-able, and perfect for Facebook and Instagram.

They’re a great way to share ideas that reflect the philosophy of your business, and they’re incredibly share-worthy. Remember to brand your chosen quotes to increase brand visibility as your audience shares.

2. Behind the scenes imagery

Providing a sneak peak in to the people behind your brand is a great way to make your customers privy to a part of your business they don’t normally see.

These images are great at effectively building trust and engagement from your audience.

3. Share industry news

Format news as a weekly roundup that you can share to Facebook, and invite discussion from your audience.

If you’re going to engage with commentary from your audience, be careful not to share overly personal or polarising views, and ensure that your comments are in line with your brand’s messaging.

4. Share photos with your tweets

Since Twitter announced inline images last year, research has shown that tweets with images result in up to 150% more retweets.

Remember that tweets don’t have much staying power and will quickly be lost in people’s newsfeeds; the key to posting content via this channel is to do it consistently.

5. Host a Q & A

Hosting a Q&A is a great way to provide additional insight in to your business and answer audience questions. It can also open up discussion of your future objectives and what you’re hoping to achieve for your audience.

6. Re purpose blog content as visuals

It could be an infographic that you share on Pinterest, or used as inspiration for a visual on Instagram – it could even make for a follow up video for you to share on Facebook.

Quality content has longevity, and should be recycled and repurposed where possible.

7. Share facts, tips and de-myth!

Empowering existing and prospective customers with facts and tips will intrigue and educate them about your industry, products and who you are.

By providing them with these facts and tidbits of knowledge, you’re effectively equipping them with the ability to relate to, understand and engage with your future content. It all comes back full-circle.

8. And user-generated content

Form a competition, create a new hashtag and invite your customer’s to use it to tag their entries – then regram them! Other user-generated content might include video reviews of your products from your customer’s, or some kind of challenge that invites your customer to produce video or photo content that you can share on your channels.

Research your audience and gauge an understanding of who they are, what their pain points are, and who from your industry they’re engaging with on social.

What are your competitors doing and how can you do it better? When are they sharing their content and how does the content they share on one channel differentiate from another?

Research and consider these questions when adjusting your own strategy.

Stay ahead of updates and developments.

Keep up to date with developments of the platforms you’re using and establish how they will impact your business and influence your customer’s habits. For example, this week Facebook updated its News Feed with a dedicated settings page, giving people greater control over the content they’re exposed to.

Remember that before generating content, you must form a sound strategy and content plan that guides your goals monthly or quarterly.

Your strategy should identify who you’re talking you, the nature of what you’re trying to say and identify what content is for what channel. Experiment with posting times, re-purpose and recycle – don’t replicate, and always tailor content to the appropriate social platform.

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