June 6, 2004

And now for a breakdown of the week that was…

Nike co-founder Phil Knight set your conversational faux pas straight, confirming the brand’s correct pronunciation

Letter from Nike shares the correct pronunciation of the brand's name

Pinterest joined the battle for SMB advertising announcing they’re rolling out promoted pins.

Pinterest creates its own social media advertising platform

Say goodbye to that chaotic clutter of cables – wireless power is coming!

Futuristic USB floating smart phone charging

Peter Dinklage’s high school yearbook photo uncovered on Reddit revealed the most epic mullet to date.

Peter Dinklage has an epic mullet in high school year book

Flash forward a few years and what do you get?…Game of Thrones in the 90s.

McDonald’s “Happy” mascot gets the DesignCrowd treatment.

McDonald's happy mascot gets culture jammed by design crowd

Youdidnoteatthat became your next Instagram to follow.

Bad mime as model pretends to eat a burger

You did not eat that instagram account with perfect post copy

“Discover someone quirky and interesting nearby” with Loveflutter, a dating app much like Tinder, but centered on your “quirky edge” rather than looks.

Preview ad of the dating app love flutter

A comprehensive list of every word in Star Wars you want? This dedicated PhD student alphabetized the whole film. And light saber is only mentioned once.

Embracing the local weather for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2015, the Aussie team has ditched the green & gold for green & grey.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games team uniform

Angelina’s Louboutins were maleficent media fodder.


And before we go –  if you thought you couldn’t get extreme with pogos, think again…

Have a good weekend now.

Clive Palmer meme in front of luxury car