Could An Appointment With Dr. Dre Cure Your Marketing Ills?

August 13, 2005

Dr Dre may have been low key recently but in the lead up to the release of his new documentary Straight Outta Compton, the Internet has proven that we have not forgot about Dre.

The rapper and poster boy for overly expensive headphones released a meme generator, ‘Straight Outta Somewhere’, as part of the promotional campaign for his movie release. Using the generator, anyone can enter their city and photo to create their own version of the iconic Straight Outta Compton album cover. You could say the generator really is representing gangstas all across the world; unfortunately, it does not let you hit the corners in that low low girl.

In the first day over 100,000 varieties of the meme were uploaded to Instagram and countless more to Facebook and Twitter. The search term ‘Straight Outta Compton’ had more than 200,000 queries on Google as people actively looked for their chance to get involved.

Dre’s meme generator success is a great example of digital marketing must-dos in practice including:

Be Timely

Social campaigns work best when they are part of a broader, integrated experience.  As well as the soon to be released movie Dre has been the focus of speculation about new music and the soundtrack to the documentary.

Keep it Simple                

This is something that we can’t stress enough – when running a social campaign simplicity is the key. The more effort it takes to be part of your campaign, the less people will get involved and your reach will shrink exponentially. Straight Outta Somewhere only required users to enter a word and choose a photo. Done!

Be inclusive

The intended appeal of Straight Outta Somewhere at its core is that it allows people to feel involved. In a few simple steps they can create their own version of music history complete with all the street cred that entails.

Allow for flexibility          

The intended use of the generator was obvious but the question was open ended and left room for people to own and remix the generator to create something completely different.

Control the nasties

The Dr is no fool, the generator had a number of pretty strict filters to help minimise the risk of the campaign being hijacked by the haters.

Make the most of influencers                 

In the digital world the inclusion of influencers is golden and this campaign certainly benefitted from the support of key influencers getting involved such as Lil Kim and Jennifer Lopez.